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Get The Best Final Expense Training From A Top Gun Final Expense Agent With My Final Expense Agent Mentorship Program.


David Duford, Agent and Owner of Final Expense Agent Mentor

David Duford, Agent and Owner of Final Expense Agent Mentor

If you’re interested in selling final expense insurance, and are looking for the best final expense training resources to optimize your chances for success, then you have come to the right place!

My name is David Duford. I’m the owner of Final Expense Agent Mentor.  I specialize in working with new life insurance agents or training existing life insurance agents in successfully selling final expense insurance.

The reason final expense agents work with me is simple. They understand the positive impact that focused, personalized final expense training from a tenured and actively-selling final expense producer can have on their final expense career. They appreciate the straightforward, no B.S. framework and benefits of the Mentorship Program over the short- and long-term of their final expense career.

As an actively-producing final expense agent and trainer, I know the single-most important component to your success, beyond your commitment to succeed, is customized, on-going, one-on-one final expense training.  Because the faster you beat the learning curve, the quicker you will leverage this business to live the kind of life you want.

Below are the two main reasons why Final Expense Agent Mentor the preferred choice for new agents wanting to succeed in selling final expense insurance:

Personalized, On-Going Final Expense Training: As your trainer, I will personally train you on all critical aspects of final expense. This includes prospecting, appointment-setting, presenting, closing, and retaining your book of business.  You just won’t receive scripts; you’ll receive on-going final expense training in the form of field rides with me, weekly phone consultations to address results, challenges, and strategize ways to improve.

The reason this is special is because I only take on a small amount of Mentorship agents at a time, so I can focus all my energy in a select few Mentees.  So you benefit because you get much more coaching and attention from me to ensure your chance of success in this business.

Agent Independence, Not Agent Captivity:  The most-disadvantaged agents selling final expense insurance are the captive agents that generally sell the most overpriced products, pay the most for their leads, gross the least commission on their product, and have products that are the most commonly replaced.  

I believe independent agents have the best chance to succeed in selling final expense insurance. The benefit is the independent agent will have access to the most competitive carriers, the highest levels of commission, and the flexibility to work with any lead vendors of their choice, without being married to any agency or organization.

My goal is to take the neophyte final expense agent and completely train them on all elements of the final expense business.

If you like what you see so far, the next step is to do your research to decide for yourself if:

(a) selling final expense insurance is right for you, and,
(b) if working with me in the Final Expense Agent Mentorship makes sense for you.

To start your research, I produced 4 videos below that will the final expense business opportunity, as well as what it is like working directly with me from the perspective of two of my Mentorship agents.

The purpose of these videos is to help you understand what you don’t know, and to place you in an informed position where you can decide with confidence if working with me in the Final Expense Agent Mentorship is the best fit for you.

Here are the videos below – Please watch them in the order as they appear.

NOTE: Only after you completely watch all 4 videos should you fill out the Contact form below regarding working in the Mentorship.  These videos serve both as a way for me to educate you about the Mentorship Program while saving me hours explaining the basics.

After viewing the videos, I invite you to fill out the Contact information below.  Please fill out everything in entirety, and I will reach out to set up a phone consultation within the next 24 business hours.  Thanks for your interest.

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